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The Regional Rapid Technology Specialist SA will be responsible to provide maintenance and support for the rapid technology equipment installed at locations in SA. Job Summary:
The Rapid Technology Specialist SA is part of the Regional FSQR Analytical Chemistry CoE and work is provided to activities in the different business of FIBI SA and CASC SA. . This to assure stable, as effective and efficient use of the equipment and to keep the NIR platform at the highest feasible standard.
This person will support with the development, implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of the RTP (NIR) for SA
There are 3 key areas:
1) Maintain the overall platform monitoring the overall performance of the instruments and governances that are in place, update calibrations when required.
2) Provide remote support to the location key-users across all business in SA, which consists of trouble shooting, arranging proactive maintenance, arranging for support at locations, provide training and updated Best Practice (BP) documentation. Due to the criticality of this platform 24/7.
3) Provide remote support to team during installations.
The person in this position will assure that the full platform is at the best feasible performance level and that all Best Practice documents are up to date.
1. Coordinate and support implementation of RT (NIR) in locations in SA
2. Execute and implement projects of RT (NIR) at the selected locations, this includes setting up a project plan, assessment of local analysis and sampling, defining of standard analysis and analyzing program for the related parameters, training of the employees involved and/or key users at the locations. Support the implementation and installation of NIR equipment, sampling, calibrations and testing, and follow up of the project until the stable working situation is achieved. This for the extension of the existing benchtop platform concerning all product lines and online installations.
2. support towards location key-users for trouble shooting according SLA (Service level agreement).
3. Ensure Governance and monitoring program for NIR benchtop/Online platform SA (ensure guideline are up to date and executed/followed up by the locations).
4. Support during installation of NIR, calibrations, validations and standardizations.
5. Lead validation prioritization.
6. Manage validation and outlier sample programs.
7. Analyze troubleshooting and sharing feedback to improve the platform.
8. Follow up the performance of existing implementations and take the corrective actions were necessary.
9. Connect with external vendors when errors are occurring or troubleshooting is needed.
10. Governance and assist in the NIR benchtop platform SA, support in troubleshooting and sharing feedback and actively support to improve the platform.
11. Keep the existing equipment up to date with the latest calibrations (new crop, … ).
12. Follow up the performance of existing implementations and take the corrective actions were necessary.
13. Analyze overall performance and identify improvement opportunities.
14. Report out overall performance to the different stakeholders.
15. Report out analyzed results of the monitoring program to the locations.
16. Compile full report for new implementations and follow up in collaboration with the Rapid Technology implementation lead.
17. Actively support in the creation of guidelines, procedures and instructions, governances.
18. Detail description of the implementation flows of the plants. Keeping all Best Practice up to date and inform the locations with the needed changes.
19. Write & Maintain Best Practices for the Rapid Technology Platform.
20. Support the RT teams with data management and statistical processing of the data.
21. Develop training documents and give support in organizing/executing the trainings.

• Bachelor degree in (Chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacy, or related food science).
• Developed knowledge, calibration experience NIR and experience with NIR implementations.
• IT related issues for problem solving.
• Software knowledge to build NIR calibration lines.
• Experience with LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) such as Unilab, Interspec, Report manager, Minitab.
• Advanced knowledge of Analytical Chemistry.

Obs: Essa vaga está disponível para pessoas com deficiência
• Available for Business Travels: 20 - 40%

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